Forgiveness is a Choice. Dallas Yoga Teacher. Yoga Private Lessons. Trina Hall

Life is a series of choices. Everyday we show up on the yoga mat, we are making a choice that makes us feel better inside and out.

We are listening to that voice inside our hearts that calls us to love and when we act from that place, we always feel better. Love is the best we can give and our highest calling. We all know we are capable of loving and deep down we know we can love all beings fully.

Forgiving is a choice. Forgiving lightens us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It aligns us with our highest self and unites us with our own infinite capacity.
Can you forgive every single person who has ever hurt you? Some people are easy to forgive because, on some level, we feel as though they earned it or deserve forgiveness, but then we have those people who wounded us so deeply we’ve been scarred. Because of the depth of the wounding, we feel it is our right, and even our duty to withhold forgiveness. It makes us feel in control, as we act as judge over someone’s moral behavior.
When we refuse to forgive someone who hurt us, we are the only ones carrying the burden. We are living each day, withholding love. Inside, we know we can act with more dignity and forgive people for their imperfections.

Where I find the practice of forgiveness most challenging and rewarding is when I practice forgiving myself. Hey, big surprise, I’m not perfect.  However, there is still a voice inside my head that expects perfection, expects me to know everything, beats me up for not being good enough, etc… the list goes on and on. Aren’t we all that way?

Since we all have that voice inside our heads telling us we need to be perfect and the voice inside our hearts, telling us to love, we have a choice. In every breath we can choose to which voice we listen. That is powerful.
The things we struggle with on the yoga mat are the things we struggle with in our lives. When we approach our practice this month, let’s drop the armor and walk softly to our yoga mat and forgive.  Forgive your body for being different than the person you are comparing yourself to.  Forgive yourself for falling. Forgive the imperfections. Drop the judgment and open to love. See what happens.
Life is filled with endless opportunities to forgive ourselves and others; endless opportunities to feel better. I hope I see you on the mat so we can practice forgiveness and celebrate love together. Namaste.

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