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In my yoga teacher training, it was suggested to read the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali.

So I picked up a book and I thought the man on the front cover was Patanjali himself.  I thought, “OK that is what a yogi looks like… long bearded dude in robes sitting with his legs crossed… I get it.  The picture seems pretty recent for this ancient system but whatever.”  Through self-study, I learned Patanjali is supposed to be the father of yoga, having prescribed what is known as the 8-limbed path of Raja Yoga.  Raja (or Royal) Yoga teaches about self-control and discipline as a way to master the mind and attain bliss consciousness in the waking life.

I also learned the dude on the cover wasn’t Patanjali but the man, Sri Swami Satchidananda, who translated the Sutras and gave commentary on the verses.

The first time I read Satchidananda’s translation of the Yoga Sutras, I felt as though I finally understood myself.  It was as if his teachings spoke simultaneously to my heart and mind – relaying through words what I had been discovering through my yoga practice.  A light bulb went off.  There were hundreds of ‘ah ha!’ moments and new ways of looking at my own behaviors and patterns.  I finally found a book to help me along my path!

Sat = truth
Chit = consciousness
Ananda = bliss

Yes – I agree.  Now I understand why he has that name.

I’ve been looking at going to Yogaville – yes, there is a place called Yogaville – to study at the center set up by Swami Satchidananda for students to further their studies on the path.  I even paid my deposit last year and opted not to go.  While roaming around through the Yogaville/Integral Yoga website, I came across a documentary about Satchidananda’s life.  I found out big names in health care such as Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Dean Ornish have studied Satchidananda’s teachings.  Satchidananda spoke at Woodstock per suggestion of world-renowned Pop artist, Peter Max.  I met Peter Max at a gallery showing of his work in 2007.

Screw Kevin Bacon – there are now reasons to believe there are six-degrees of separation between you and Satchidananda.  That, my friend, is pretty groovy in my opinion!

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