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I was asked by two people for the playlist from tonight’s packed flow and meditation class at The Mat Yoga Studio in Richardson, Texas.

Sometimes the energy of a class spreads to everyone like butter.  Tonight was one of those nights – everyone connected to their bodies, to their highest potential, to their dreams.  I asked everyone to recall their dreams (not the ones at night, but the ones you fantasize about but don’t share for fear of it being too big).  We created space in our hearts to make room for compassion, placed the dreams in our hands and sealed our dreams with our breath.

Tonight’s meditation accessed the Witness and connected us to the light of the full moon.  The room was completely still… each person meditating on their Witness brought us to a place where everyone seemed to be breathed by a force greater than all of us combined.  WOW – they really went there and it was beautiful!

It was a night I will remember.  I’m so grateful – my students make my life so much richer.

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