Seeing and Flying.

Sunday, one of my students brought this sweet suffering baby into the studio, trying to make his last moments as comfortable as possible.  We gathered around him as he seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness, closing his eyes and tilting his head up to bring more air into his lungs.  He was gripping to life.

This made me wonder what happened to bring him to this state.  Chances are, he flew head-first into our windows and gave himself a concussion.

As everyone went into class, I took him outside and simply watched him breathe. As I centered into this experience of watching life struggle for life, I was reminded of how many times I have flown head-first into something… how many times I have given myself a concussion of sorts… how many times my perception of what is ahead of me has been skewed by my vision.

I thought about people in my life who are suffering and how much I want to help ease their pain.

I was certain these would be his last moments and I wanted to connect as deeply as I could.  I began to breathe with him.

I felt hope.  I felt awe.  I felt love.

It is in these moments I am reminded of the incredible experience of being connected.  Sometimes life gives us a concussion where we can’t connect as deeply as we want and we have to allow our loved ones to breathe with us.

Then I felt a sensation best described as a WHOOSH! as he lifted his head, came to his senses and flew up to the ledge near the window.  As I celebrated his life, he flew off beyond the trees with a new lesson under his wings.  I walked away from the studio inspired to spread my own wings and dance along the wind to my next life lesson.  T h a n k y o u !

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