Releasing the Past. Trina Hall. Yoga. Haircut. 9-28-2011

I spend a lot of time in silence, in the space of my Self.  I incubate, I write, I create.

Last night, something shifted as I lay awake at 2am, listening to music.  I questioned my beliefs.  I thought about my attachments.  There was a time when I wanted to learn what was important to me.  I moved into my run down art studio – it didn’t have a kitchen or a shower and was probably 100 square feet or something.  I became keenly aware of what I needed and was able to see and feel my attachments to things.  Turns out I don’t need that love letter from my ex but I do want the book my grandpa read to me as a little girl.  We get to choose what we keep from our past.  There is something symbolic about letting the physical go – we shift the energy.  We make space.

This afternoon, I cut about one foot off my hair.   Thoughts of identity, labels, femininity, love crossed my mind as the scissors sheared through my attachments and released freedom.  Liberation and I embraced.

The funny part – that I only realized afterward – is my mom called me two days ago.  She and my brother were watching the Cowboys vs. Redskins football game.  When I was 3 or so, I cut my hair EXTREMELY short when these two teams played each other.  Every year, they call me to tell me to hide my scissors.

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