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It was a glorious Spring day when I found myself laying down, looking at the clouds drift through expansive sky-space.  I noticed grey dots and wavy lines in between my eyes and my vision of the sky.  The more I tried to look into the lines, the further they moved away.  These are called “floaters”.

Interesting facts about these floaters:

– they cast shadows on the retina
– they are easier to see on a clear blue sky
– when we try to look directly at one, they move

Though we all develop floaters at some point, they become more prominent as we age, and none of our floaters look exactly alike.

I was thinking about how this related to my life and my vision of my life…

What are the floaters in my life?  What seems just beyond my grasp?  What is casting a shadow on my ability to see clearly?

This week, I will approach my life with more clarity as I set an intention to develop one-pointed vision and soften through the periphery.

2 thoughts on “Floaters. Yoga. Life. Vision. Texas Yoga. Dallas Yoga. Richardson Yoga. Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga.

  1. Hi, my name is Renata and I´m a new yoga teacher in Brazil.
    I see floaters too and I started to think why its is happening with me… like you.
    I visit my doctor and he told me that my retin is ok! Tks God!
    After you started to see floaters, did you continous pratice headband asanas like salamba sirsasana? I´m a little bit worried about it! Namastê! Renata

    1. Hello, Renata. The floaters are nothing to be concerned about. Everyone develops them at some point. Be sure at talk to your eye doctor to make sure your eyes are healthy, but in general, floaters are just fine! Thanks for checking in. Namaste.

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