Changing the Face of Yoga. Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga. US News and World Report, Business Insider, New York Daily News, Medical Daily, The Doctors

Thank you to Angela Haupt of US News and World Report, New York Daily News, Business Insider, Mike Lucas of “The Doctors”, and Chris Weller of Medical Daily for helping me change the face of yoga.  There are so many “success” stories out there about people losing weight.  Thank you for showing my success story of how my weight gain helped me find a new level of self-awareness and acceptance.  My art piece started a conversation that I think needs to be taking place in our society.


  1. Please realize that your “art piece” is my reality. Yoga student for 18 years, marathoner for 20. Chubster my entire life. I’m now consistently one of the older and almost always the “fattest” yogi in my advanced power yoga class. I am also the student who can do the wicked crazy flying arm balances and other things that only “fit” people should be able to do. I wear the super tight spandex that makes my muffin top look like a coffee cake ring but I don’t care, I don’t like my clothes to shift on me while I’m practicing. Your “discovery” was always around you if you’d just opened your eyes. I am also happily married, at the top of my profession, and I have a beautiful daughter. When you can’t take the fat suit off due to various genetic predispositions you ignore what society has to say and you define and own your own reality. The real “art project” is discovering how you would live if you really stopped listening to society. Sometimes being born outside the confines of society’s narrow definition of beauty is the most freeing gift in the world.


  2. speaking as a 40+ hetro male, trina looked much more appealing when she was carrying weight like a real woman. just my opinion ;P


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