Unconventional Love. Trina D’anne Hall. Trina Hall

What is love but the preamble to loss?
A sacred contract extracting attachment that pierces the experience of now.

Dancing with fools was a thing of the past.
Co-creation of the unconventional, they imagined their hieros gamos.
Rules and boundaries are made, not borrowed.
She holds a heart to be opened, not broken.

Life is really simple; you live and you die.
Life’s riches come from attachment and the learning of another is the sweetness of life.
She wants to feel the richness of life’s color and know the sound of the vibration.
So many possibilities as Spring announced her arrival.
The tree is lush and she wants to be seen beyond the leaves.

What causes a sigh?
What brings the ache?
Where is the longing?
How does one wake up?
Where is the line of acceptance
and when does one keep going?

One thought on “Unconventional Love. Trina D’anne Hall. Trina Hall

  1. Beautifully stated.

      Linn Madsen Savoy Sorbet 451 N Briery

    Irving, TX  75061 (214) 710-0241

    “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

    – Robin Williams


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