Epiphany. Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga. Coronayoga.

Where do you have the most epiphanies in your life? While cooking? Folding clothes? Working on a puzzle? Gardening? Painting? Taking a bath?

An epiphany can come as a silent whisper, a deep knowing that seemed it was with you all along. It can help you realize something that was holding you back. It can bring a new level of self-awareness. It can shine a light on a blind spot in your awareness. I miss the epiphanies that came to me in quiet moments while hiking alone in nature but my quarantine yoga practice is providing me deep insight that helps me grow.

Last night, I realized my yoga mat is a refuge. Contrary to what the media represents, a yoga practice doesn’t have to be AT ALL about what it looks like. You don’t need a mirror to practice. You don’t need to analyze what you look like. I propose yoga is about what and how you feel.

My yoga mat is where I feel no one is looking at me. We walk through life being judged based on our appearance, but on the mat, I’m the only one looking. I’m not being looked at; I am being seen… I am being witnessed. I am not judging myself – I am seeing what I do and asking why I do it. I go deeper. The more we tap into the deeper parts of ourselves, the more the practice moves beyond the physical, into the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

According to Vedantic yoga philosophy, there are 5 bodies, or sheaths, that we all have. The idea is that these sheaths, or koshas, are layers that cover the true self. I design my yoga classes to systematically uncover these layers of being so you can get in touch with your authentic self. The more that we practice this kind of mindful yoga, the more easily we can tap into that wisdom off the mat. You have everything you need right now to have an epiphany.

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