Coronayoga LIVE with Trina. 9pm Slowdown. Enjoy (IN JOY)

We are carrying forward the theme from this morning’s class: Enjoy (IN JOY) because I still have a lot to uncover on my mat about what joy feels like.

Here’s the playlist for tonight’s Enjoy (IN JOY). It’s a Slowdown class so as the name implies, we will be taking our glorious time:

I found it interesting in this morning’s class that my joy wasn’t coming out as a little dance or a feeling of celebration – it felt very calm and powerful. My joy seemed to be rising from below my heart.

I am curious if we can cultivate a sense of joy on the yoga mat, can we carry that forward to other moments in our lives when joy is a little harder to access… today, I experienced a lot of presence but I was working on my boss’ website and I kept reaching my level of understanding so I noticed my frustration. So I would step away and put my focus on something else so technology didn’t win. Wouldn’t it be great if instead I could train my mind to find joy when all I want to do is curse? I’ve got some work to do but I do wonder if that is possible.

If you want to join the live moving conversation from my body to yours and back again, register for the webinar here. See you at 9pm EST!

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