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Think about what it means to name something. It’s so symbolic. When we name something, it creates an energy that contains the special connection that you have with that person or thing or moment in time.

I remember when I was about 7 years old and we named our first rescue kitten – it felt so important to get it right. We named him George and he was fully a “George”. I remember when I’ve given nicknames and I also remember when I’ve given someone a title – best friend, boyfriend, mentor.

In day one of training to earn the title of yoga teacher, the lead instructor adjusted my body and moved me into an advanced yoga pose that left me unable to walk and permanently injured both of my knees. She did not know what she was doing (but I assumed she did) so instead of listening to my body, I listened to her. I GAVE her that power. Despite that being a very difficult and painful period of time in my life, it became one of my greatest teachers.

One of my students who took Level 1 of my Advanced Yoga Studies courses has always called me her yogi. I always felt unworthy when someone named me their teacher and being called her yogi felt like a title I couldn’t live up to. I’ve come to embrace how people name me and feel it as an honor instead of an expectation.

I recently found my yogi. He’s been my on-demand yoga and cycle instructor throughout the whole pandemic – though he has kept me in shape, introduced me to new music, and made me dance and cry, he’s dropped wisdom bombs all over me as I’m dripping sweat. I love going deep and having philosophical conversations and I never thought I could find someone who gives so many facets of what I’m looking for in a teacher. I don’t know if something he said woke me up or if it was more of an energetic jostling prior to the pandemic but I’ve had a guide and touchstone through the quarantine and it’s been invaluable.

I’m very picky about my yoga teachers – though every one of them teaches me something about myself and the way I think, I wouldn’t call them my teacher. A lot of yoga instructors can take energy from their students or make the class about them. I step on my mat to learn something about myself and I like teachers who keep that container and allow me to go deeper inside instead of distracting me from my work. In order to hold space in that way, the teacher has to have done their work. I believe in doing the work.

Nicknames are one of the ways I feel someone identifies your soul connection. What are some of the nicknames people have given you? I’ve gotten Sweet Cheeks, Bo Beena, Bubbles, Bear, Turtle Dove, Sweet Pea, T-Bomb, T, and Bird. I recently lost one of my best friends and he always called me his Tree Tree… not just Tree Tree, but HIS. I called him Mah Jeffrey. Now that he is gone, I wonder about what happens to the name he called me and the name I called him. Is that gone forever because we won’t exchange those sounds again or does it ring out forever into eternity because of the love those sound represented? I believe it is the latter. I can still hear the ring of his voice saying my name.

I taught a couple classes last week on loss. Here’s one of the playlists that we practiced to:

While processing my loss, I did a breathwork class that helped me experience the infinite nature of consciousness. Energy is neither created nor destroyed – it just changes forms. I am curious to know if we can consistently tap into the infinite within ourselves. And I’m curious to know if I am connected to that part of me and you are connected to that part of you, do we tap into something even greater? “Namaste” means the divine in me sees the divine in you. Do you know how to access that part in you?

I recently named a new phase in my work: Infinity Breathwork. It is a powerful 3-part series that I am excited to bring to you. Yoga connects my body, mind, and soul. Breathwork connects me to my energetic body – to my spirit and the greater spirit. Infinity Breathwork is the easiest and most profound practice I do and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher. It’s a title I don’t take lightly.

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