On-Demand Coronayoga LIVE with Trina. 6-27-20 9am 45 minutes or 60 min Hatha n Flow. Beginner. Long Savasana. Freedom.

Click on the image above to take the class On-Demand

This morning, I was thinking about what freedom means to me. Freedom, to me, is being able to structure my own time. Being able to flow through time and follow the creative spark or pull is one of my greatest joys. It takes a lot of discipline to get shit done in order to carve out those blocks of time freedom but it is so worth it.

Since the pandemic hit, I have been on a mission, and recently, I’ve been refining what that mission is. There is this idea in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy called Samsara – it’s the idea that we are all traveling around and around in this cycle. The goal is to liberate ourselves from the suffering – in Buddhism, this is Moksha and the sense is to break free. In Hinduism, this is an awakening of our true nature.

We all seek freedom and in this practice, we have time to humbly bow to that inner light that lives inside and through each of us.

The practice can be 45 minutes or an hour long. The on-demand video will end at 45 minutes but the playlist is an hour long. So after I say, “Namaste,” know that you have 15 more minutes to soak up your time in savasana.

Here’s the playlist:

NOTE: the playlist begins after the intro – at 2:22 in the video, just as we begin the practice in child’s pose.

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