On-Demand The Chat – Emotional Releases in Yoga. Peloton.

Click on the image to watch the chat.

I’m from Texas and we raise strong women who don’t cry. As a result of me not allowing those “weak” emotions into my realm, I stored a lot of sadness and pain in my energetic body.

According to yogic philosophy, energy travels through the system in a network of intersecting paths called nadis. If you don’t experience whatever emotion you’re going through at the time, you repress it – it travels and stores itself with other similar styles of energy in the system. Then one day while you’re minding your own fucking business on your yoga mat, the emotion is like, “Oh, hey, she’s calm, it’s time she dealt with this.” So the little clumps of energy rally together and come forward into your conscious awareness to have a party and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with an emotion. If you allow yourself to feel the emotion, it can come with a flashback of the moment you stored that particular emotion. If you sit with the experience and allow it to be felt, it will dissipate and leave your energetic system to move on. You’ve then created space and pure consciousness replaces that energy in the nadis.

Due to the pandemic, I only practice at home and today, I took at 45-minute slow flow through the Peloton app. I had an emotional release in pigeon today where I was suddenly sobbing after my heart cracked open. It was beautiful.

If you notice an emotion arising in your practice, honor it. It just wants to be experienced so it can leave the confines of the musty, dark basement of the corner of your energetic system. Emotions are just e-motions…. energy in motion. Let them flow! Let them go! 🙂

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