On-Demand 60 Minute Advanced Hatha n Flow – Arm Balances

Click on the image to take the class On-Demand

What a fun class this was!  It’s 60 minutes of Hatha n Flow where we do some arm balances.  If you like to shift your perspective and turn your world upside down to get a new view, check it out!

The playlist was created by turning on my “Now” playlist, which is all the recent songs I’ve fallen in love with, and adding the songs that came up, then putting them in order.  It was kinda magical the way it all fell into place because each song was exactly what I wanted to hear at that time.  

I love to shift my perspective and go upside down. I call it flipping my shit. This is an athletic class and even though it says it’s an advanced practice, don’t be afraid of it. I guide you through everything you need to know BUT you do need to know how to listen to your body AND be gentle with yourself if you find you can’t do something. No need to get frustrated.

With repetition, we get better so I encourage you to try and try again if an arm balance practice is something you want to play with.

Click the image for The Post-Class Chat

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