Hide and Seek

When you were little and played hide and seek, did you like hiding or seeking more? I always loved hiding. The excitement of finding a place to quietly snuggle into while my cousins would try to find me was thrilling. I remember always breathing quietly while I was hiding because I always thought they could hear me breathe.

Remember playing hide and seek with a child much younger than you? I think all of us have done this: pretend that we can’t find the little one hiding, “Where did they go?” It’s this sweet tenderness knowing that the younger child doesn’t have the skills that you do to competently hide – they are usually hiding in plain sight – but you still play the game with them so they know the experience of being found.

We all want to be found. But my questions to you: What are you hiding? Who are you hiding from?

“See Me” Mixed Media on Canvas Board by me.

We all want to be heard. We all want to be seen. We all want to be loved.

Sometimes we hide who we fully are but when we put ourselves out there to be heard, seen, or loved, it can break our hearts if someone just does not see us. Other people are mirrors. That means they reflect to us things we either have in ourselves or things we need to learn about ourselves.

Just remember the myth of Narcissus: he was taken with his own beauty in his own reflection. I bet Narcissus wouldn’t have the time of day to play hide and seek with a little one and he certainly wouldn’t be able to see you.

If someone can’t see you, it is not about you or what you lack. Perhaps it’s time to consider their mirror is teaching you something about yourself. You can waste a lot of energy standing in front of someone waiting for them to see you, so let’s just not do that, okay? These people are simply teaching you to keep seeking.

Focus, instead, on internal validation. Follow your own internal compass to discover why you are on this planet at this moment. The world needs you and your unique gifts and the more you refine your own internal witnessing, the more the right people will show up.

You will find your people. Yoga helps us refine our awareness and tunes us in to the energy field that is all around us and all through us. You’ll know when you find your people. You’ll feel it. It’s a vibe and it doesn’t come with words. It can be really confusing sometimes when you feel something and don’t understand what it is. It can be even more confusing when you start to maybe understand what the feeling is and you really have to spend some time sorting through the difference between what you’re feeling and what your mind is telling you about the feelings. New feelings we’ve never felt before can be super scary.

Tell people the answers to the questions that if they knew to ask, they would. These people who understand what you are saying will show up for you. No more hiding, okay? Seek. Be.

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