On-Demand Coronayoga 7-13-20 9am Stretchy McStretcherton – Patience

“Just what I needed after an afternoon of slaving in the kitchen.  The gentle yet supportive poses were a soothing balm to my achy back.  It also teaches a lesson that you need to listen to your body – just because you started a pose doesn’t mean you have to commit to it, if it not right for you.”

— MS

When we are impatient, we are basically arguing with time. Time is one of the biggest/greatest forces that exists and we can waste a lot of energy engaging with it to try to make it bend to our will. Time gives zero fucks about when you want something. Time is the boss of I got this/don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Sometimes, our only practice is to surrender to time… to divine timing. Think of how many things had to fall in line perfectly for your parents to meet, fall in love, and make you. If one little detail of the chain of events was different, would you be here? I don’t know how fate works or if it’s something we made up for comfort and the world is just a bunch of randomness but I choose to believe in the magic. I choose to believe in the wonder. I choose to be in awe of it all.

Patience can seem like a big, daunting thing because we can think of it as something delivered through grace. But patience is simply a choice and it’s not a “light switch choice” – where you turn it on and it stays on, but it’s a practice to engage in when we notice anxiety about the timing of things. It’s a mind practice.

Traffic is the best example I have of this. People hate traffic because of the time it seemingly takes away from them. What if you just changed your mind about traffic’s default setting? Just decide that there is always going to be traffic. Make plans for this. Leave earlier. Think that every time you get on the road, there is going to be congestion, then when there isn’t traffic, you get a jolt of happiness because you just created more time. Changing the default setting in your mind about traffic works. It’s just in the mind. And we have the power to change our minds – but we don’t have the power to change traffic. I mean, we might as well focus on the things we do have control over, right?

I am a bit of a control freak with some things and I recently noticed I’m trying to control the timing of when things unfold in my life. I’m being subtly impatient. I’m basically saying to the universe that I want to be in charge of time and the universe sits back and laughs because of all the things happening in the background that I am not aware of. Bish, please!

My mom used to try to teach us about patience when we were little. Patience is something I’ve been working on for a long time and this morning, I realized I need it now more than ever. I wake up every morning with this feeling I don’t understand. It’s such a big feeling that it scares me yet it inhabits my being and soothes me so deeply and fully at the same time. What is happening to me? I want to know… and I want to know now, damn it.

Sometimes divine timing can save you. Have you ever had a moment when you realized if you had left your house 1 minute earlier, you would have likely been involved in the accident you just witnessed? We can hear and feel guidance from divine timing – it’s called intuition. It’s your gut feeling. Sometimes we have to tune in to hear it because of all the static energy around us and sometimes in us.

You really don’t know what’s at work right now, preparing things for your life’s path. What are you being impatient about right now? Where in your life are you arguing with time? Do you want to free up your energy to focus on the things you can control?

This practice is a Stretchy McStretcherton so we can seek out the things we are trying to control and find ways to surrender.  It is 50 minutes long with an additional guided 10 minute chakra meditation.

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