Of all things, I longed to see. One man doubled my vision and took me deep into the dark night. Then the Wise man gave me the gift so I may see far away into the stars with my sight.

What is vision but a sense that can be taken?

Love concerns itself not with seeing but with the inward-turned knowing. Let me be blind.

The refining.

The trusting…

of feeling.

For love’s ultimate boon is faith and the cost of love is not greater than its weight.

Some people confuse love with joy. Joy exists as an opposite (as in balance) so it can be expressed as loss/sadness/sorrow.

Love has no opposite and exists beyond time. Love is the only constant. It IS infinity. Love inhabits all things- moves through all things- is the creative force.

It is the spark of divinity that lights the eyes.

Do not seek to see.

Do less.



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