On-Demand Coronayoga 7-21-20 9am Stretchy McStretcherton 30-40min – Breath

This practice was centered on 2 principles: letting go and breath control. In Classical Yoga, one of the ways we get closer to our true selves is through a practice called Pranayama. We analyze every Sanskrit word by breaking down its meaning – Prana means energy/life-force/spirit and yama means restraint/control. In Sanskrit, if we add an “a” before any word, it turns the word to its opposite. So, ayama means expansion.

Essentially, when we practice Pranayama, we are working with our energy. There are practices we can do that will make us feel like we had a shot of espresso (stay tuned, a Coronayoga SNS – Short n Sweet – is coming on the espresso shot of breathing practices) and practices that can make us feel like we are floating on a cloud.

Today, we worked on expanding the capacity for more breath while we practiced letting go. This practice was 30 minutes – 3 poses, with an additional 10 min savasana. It’s meant to be done multiple times over time to test yourself and where you are mentally and how much you’ve been able to expand your lung capacity.

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