On-Demand Coronayoga 7-8-20 Hatha n Flow 45-55min Ahimsa & Parenting Oneself

The class from 7-8-20 is now available on-demand! This practice is appropriate for beginners and focussed on two concepts: Ahimsa and Parenting Oneself.

Ahimsa is one of the ethical concepts from Classical Yoga and it means non-violence. It’s easy to understand how not to be violent toward another person, but something I think we could all use a little awareness around is how we can speak violently to ourselves. Part of what we do in yoga is try to become aware enough of our own tendencies and witness how we speak to ourselves.

We spoke about the idea that the part of us that will beat us up for doing something “wrong” is also the part of ourselves that can act as our own parent. The idea is that we parent ourselves and we get to choose what kind of parent to be.

I want to be a loving and wise parent to myself. What kind of parent do you want to be?

Take the class on-demand

This is the playlist.

Watch the post-class chat

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