On-Demand Coronayoga 7-15-20 Beginner Hatha n Flow – Inner Thighs – Life Changing Moments

This morning, I woke up with a VERY clear sentence in my head, “The pure potential of all things is in the seed.” Then I started to edit the Hatha n Flow class and post-class chat from 7-15-20 and saw that’s exactly what I was talking about that day. I guess this is up for me right now.

This class is the first of a very special series featuring music from artists I’ve seen live – music that’s changed my life and moments that have shaped who I am.

Every moment in life contains the potential to change your life. Try not to think of life-changing moments as these BIG things that take a lot of energy… they are actually very, very small moments. Sometimes all it boils down to is a choice… a small, simple choice.

Yoga allows us to slow down these moments enough to recognize there is ALWAYS a choice. Now it’s up to you. Here’s the link to the class, the playlist and The Chat.

Take the class on-demand
Watch The Chat for free

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