On-Demand Coronayoga 7-29-20 Stretchy McStretcherton – An Invitation

I am “in” something that I have such a hard time articulating. It’s a feeling that lives within my body so I can only truly identify it through the experiencing of it. The interesting thing is my mind likes to poke around there and try to explain it… and then explain it away. Yesterday, I was in the middle of my practice and my mind had taken over – like a bad dance partner who can’t respond to the signals you’re sending out – and it had rationalized the feeling into a practical explanation. My mind likes to do that – it likes to make a declarative statement and fold into itself over and over as if it was making a thought croissant. It was making up its mind and turning from a fluffy pastry to a stone wall. Then the teacher’s words entered my mind and that hard edge of decision dissipated. My heart was activated again.

I tend to look at moments like that as divine. The beauty of the teacher saying exactly what I needed to hear at the moment I needed to hear it brought me out of my mind and back into my body – into the feeling.

Yesterday, I took a long bike ride along the river and had the opportunity to witness the fleeting moments of grace and divine inspiration. The sacred is all around us. The sacred is huge but it is mostly something I witness in the smallness of things. The sacred is a silent whisper. Are you listening for it?

I’m starting to understand that love isn’t a verb like one of my first mentors taught me. Love isn’t an action – love is spirit. Love is energy. We have to let love in. Richard Rohr is teaching me about this in his book “The Divine Dance”. He talks about love being a fire of purification that we all fall into. He says:

– A great being stays with what she loves
– she is patient, she forgives
– she allows what she loves to develop, to grow
– she suffers for and WITH reality
– Love is passion
– Passion means to suffer, to undergo reality as opposed to controlling it

For me, engaging in the divine dance means I need to invite the sacred so went DEEP in this Stretchy McStretcherton practice and created an invitation. We practiced receptivity, the essence of the feminine. We engaged in the divine dance.

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