On-Demand Coronayoga 6-8-20 Yoga for Grief

Oh, good grief.

It has taken me almost two months to edit this video of the special edition Coronayoga for Grief because seeing and hearing even parts of this class makes my heart cry. I made this class for you guys (though no one was practicing live with me on this day) as an offering – a live record of part of the process I used to grieve my own loss of one of my best friends.

I was afraid share this publicly because I do break down several times in the class and I feel part of my responsibility as a yoga teacher is to hold space for whatever you’re going through – not to share what I’m going through WHILE I’m in it. When teachers do that, they are unconsciously forcing their students hold space for their energy. I share all this with you in full transparency.

It took a lot of strength that day to gather myself together to continue teaching and I share the video with you now because I feel this is what we all do when we are grieving – we break down and then we gather.

This is the cycle of life. It reminds me of that Frou Frou song “Let Go” – there’s beauty in the breakdown. Sometimes it is only when things fall apart that we can gather and build again. The beauty is life is always falling apart so there are always opportunities to build.

Take the class for free on-demand

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