On-Demand Coronayoga 8-2-20 9am EST – Beauty & Play (Activating the Purusha)

I’m so excited for this class – we have yogis from coast-to-coast practicing live together… this is going to be a special one, you guys! You are officially a part of our new community: The Love Warrior Collective.

This hour-long practice is called Beauty & Play – Activating the Purusha. There is a part of each of us called the purusha, or the witness. This is the part of us that watches. It’s not a creepy, stalker kind of watching. It’s also not the Gladys Kravitz (if you don’t know who that is, you have been deprived of the beauty of the classic television series called “Bewitched”) kind of watching to keep up with The Joneses. It’s also not the kind of watching that is keeping score of what you do or whether you belong in the win/lose or good/bad categories.

If it isn’t those things, what is it? It’s the part of us that gracefully witnesses without judgement. It is just beyond the union of opposites (the heart) into non-dualistic thinking (the third eye). It’s the part of us that isn’t REMOTELY effected/affected by outside opinions. This part doesn’t even involve itself with what other people think, need, nor expect from us. This is the part of ourselves that holds space.

Now that we are practicing yoga at home, you have so much more freedom to embody your practice and express yourself in ANY way you see fit. You can also completely ignore what I’m cueing and do exactly what you want – just don’t give up – commit to stay on your mat for the duration of class. I encourage you to find your beauty. I encourage you to play. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of witnessing your expression and embodiment without judgement.

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