Coronayoga 10-29-20 – Creating Your Life

We are all artists, sculpting our lives. Within every moment, there is a choice about what to create.

Many have fallen into creating their lives from dull inertia – just continuing to do the same things the same way. There’s a resignation that life is just the way it is and the spirit of the person has fallen quiet. Resignation is different from acceptance. Resignation is hopelessness. Acceptance is, “Okay, I see now.”

When one is consciously sculpting their life, there are two approaches:

Carving is shedding. Carving is letting go of what no longer works. Carving is saying goodbye to a relationship. Carving is moving to another job. Carving is releasing false narratives.

Assembling is creating good habits. Assembling is forming healthy relationships. Assembling is creating a beautiful mind. Assembling is following your bliss.

In this Coronayoga Slowdown practice, I will invite you to move into a specific shape, then ask yourself if, within this shape, you need to carve or assemble.

Carving – stretching, letting go, softening
Assembling – needing more, activating, generating power

We are not here to fall into the inertia of external validation. What I mean by this is if you decide you need more, ask yourself why. And ask yourself what will happen once you have more.

If you are using the tool of “more” to gain attention from others, you’ve fallen into the inertia of external validation – which when we distill what that truly is – it is stealing energy. Your ego is effectively manipulating others for energy. Your ego doesn’t feel complete – and it never will. The ego isn’t the soul.

If you use the tool of “more” to develop self-awareness (svadyaya), then you are using your yoga as a tool for peace. You are tapping into your true self, the conversation of your soul.

It’s all about the reference point and the center from which we make choices. We can choose to come from a place of reverence and honor to investigate why we are the way we are and who we really are. From that place, we create the lives we truly deserve.

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