Lettuce Ride & Coronayoga 12-26-20

Since high school, I’ve been obsessed with The Beatles. I know all their songs and though I have a hard time picking favorites of anything (I can’t pick a favorite color!), I would say Strawberry Fields Forever is one my top 3 favorite songs of all time.

Listening to their music on headphones is one of my favorite musical journeys and I was slightly obsessed with the Love show by Cirque du Soleil in Vegas – I saw it five times… speakers were beneath the seats and inside the headrest of each chair – so you became immersed in the music while watching the performance. Blew my miiiiiiiiind!

I’ve always loved sharing my musical loves with my yoga students. I programmed a Beatles yoga class back in 2009 at Gold’s Gym and we had to turn away students because the room was too full. The love of The Beatles runs far and wide! Here’s the playlist from that day:

Tomorrow, I will be teaching Lettuce Ride and Coronayoga while listening to Beatles music. If you wanna listen to the same music while we ride and flow, find them in my Spotify!

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