Coronayoga 2-6-21 Co-creation with the Divine

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt their spirit and known they were being guided by something higher? Many people call these kinds of people enlightened. It can seem like enlightenment is unattainable but it’s actually available to all of us if we lighten up.

The divine is that which we do not understand. It’s the magic of life. It’s being in the presence of awe. It’s the true beauty of being alive and IN LIFE. The divine is an energy. The divine is a feeling.

What is creation? Is creation the opposite of destruction? I’d say creation is the presence of faith and the absence of fear.

The best way I’ve found to encounter creative energy is to notice when fear arises. Then train the mind to substitute faith for fear. Trust for doubt.

The more we align with this aspect of ourselves, the easier it is to access when we feel lost. The more we create, the more divine energy flows through us. Then we have alchemically changed our homeostasis, our baseline. Our baseline isn’t a state of anxiety. Our baseline is a state of calm. It no longer resists; It allows.

Think of all the energy we use holding on to ideas that don’t serve the greater good and our highest selves. Think of all the energy we waste trying to avoid being hurt again. What if we could let go of fear and practice faith?

Letting go is not easy. Sometimes it comes with a lot of emotional pain – every moment we had the thought or idea we need to release has to be released. It is a dying of sorts. It’s a process of mourning. It’s no different in many ways than mourning the death of a loved one. That idea or thought was intimately close to us. In fact, we may have formed it as part of our identity. But in order to transform, it has to travel through the heart and lots of times, that can leave us feeling quite low. But after the initial process of letting go, it simply becomes a practice.

The practice is to witness when we are slightly off-center then tap into our witness consciousness while we feel what’s happening (without labeling) and watch the disturbance dissipate. It can still hurt but the depth of pain in the present moment is far less than the depth of pain we feel when we accumulate energies in our system.

It’s really quite beautiful to feel the essence of any moment and if we feel it when it arises, it is less taxing on our system. Because to hold on to an energy simply because we don’t want to feel it does create a energetic cost – we use a great deal of energy avoiding feeling hurt when we could use that energy to be a force for love and peace in the world.

We will practice today to become embodied and to feel the essence of the moment. We will feel our power and our strength. We will then let go and watch what arises. We will feel the magic and move forward knowing/feeling/believing we are part of it… we are connected to it… we are the magic.

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