An Ode to Puzzles

I want to know myself and since I’m constantly changing, this is a full time job! Quarantine helped me discovered a new tool for meditation: puzzles.

It may sound odd but I believe anything can be turned into a meditative experience if we cultivate it.

Next time you work on a puzzle, take a moment to watch your process. What steps do you take to complete it? Do you sort or do you hunt for pieces? Do you look at it close or from far away? How do you talk to yourself when things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like? Do you ever find yourself trying to force a piece to fit? Do you ever look at it upside down? How do you feel when you fit two pieces together?

Everything in life is symbolic and the way we do one thing on a micro level can inform us in a more macro way of how we function in other areas of our lives. If we have more information about ourselves, we can become more compassionate and even make better decisions.

While the body is busy with tactile sensations, the mind is quite active and we can begin to notice the quality of our thoughts. Are we worrying about the future? Are we replaying moments from our past? If we dial in and focus intently on the present moment, we can uncover our attachments. Attachments cause us suffering and we can follow the suffering we experience back in time to a seed thought. After we know the seed thought, we can dig up its roots and use mindfulness to re-train the mind to a state of peace and calm.

Literally a puzzle can give us peace of mind. Who knew?!?

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