Life as a Moment

A moment is the expression of the movement of time. The more we can become fully embodied in experiencing any moment, the more we can weather the storms of life.

I used to think after I started on my spiritual quest, there would come a day when I arrived to a state of peace. That state would mean I no longer felt depressed, anxious, sad, angry, hurt, nor afraid; I would have touched bliss and it would enrapture me from that moment on. However, once I experienced that part of my being that was pure and conscious, I realized there was more work to do… more layers of armor to peel away… more deep wounding that needed to be healed… more gathering of new life experiences.

I thought for a while that I could use my mind to rationalize away my emotions. I thought for a while my consciousness could elevate me beyond emotions, but what I’m experimenting with these days is more like a deeper witnessing of my reactions to experiences. In witnessing the moment to moment experience, I can more easily deal with life when it throws me a ball of shit and when life is seemingly benign, I can seek the beauty in the smallest of moments. The smaller I make the moment (the more present I am, the more distilled my awareness), the easier it becomes to digest.

The beautiful thing about humanity is its many facets and in order to be fully involved in what the essence of my life is, I have to welcome the experience of it all.

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