Custom Yoga Journey with Trina Hall. Inspired Living. Coaching. Meditation. Breathwork.

In honor of my dad’s birthday today, I’m launching my newest offering.

Join me for a custom yoga journey where I create a path just for you.  This plan includes a weekly private session.  In our first private session, we will discover where you want to take your practice and how I can best help facilitate your personal growth. 

You get personal care and attention and my intention is to enhance the quality of your life.  I like to make things sparkle – and that includes you.  

What you get:

Custom-Programmed Classes

  • Up to 14 classes per week can be programmed and scheduled just for YOU from the on-demand library. You get an email with a link to the class at YOUR chosen days and times.

Weekly Private Sessions

  • You get to choose if you want a live yoga, breathwork, or meditation class CREATED just FOR YOU or if you want personal COACHING. This is 1on1.


  • You’ll receive journaling prompts to help you dive deeper into YOUR practice. You’ll be able to see your growth in black and white.

Inspired Living

  • You’ll receive inspirations and activities to help spark JOY in your every day life. We will re-wire the brain to seek beauty and wonder.

How long does it last? 
As long as you want – the pricing is weekly but we work in 6-week blocks.  You’ll decide by week 3 of your current session if you want to continue into the next 6-weeks.

This program will create a sense of calm that will leave you feeling centered and inspired.

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