The Call

Adventure calls but its voice can only be felt.  It’s a feather tickling the heart and a longing in the … More

Walk Alone

Let the city unfold your perceptions as a lover opens a letter.  Retreat into yourself but watch.  There are patterns, … More

Unconventional Love.

What is love but the preamble to loss? A sacred contract extracting attachment that pierces the experience of now. Dancing … More


What is the shadow but an expression of fallen light?

Helping through Yoga

The Stewpot Art Program is a community outreach serving the homeless and at-risk populations of Dallas.  It is open to … More

The Men I love.

Have you ever looked around your house at all the things you keep and see a common theme?  My theme … More

Man and Woman

He has two gods: nature and music. The notes were his companion, the former rests somewhere beyond the view, begging … More

Awakening in Spring

He awakened me in Spring.  His vision standing brought feeling that needed to be penetrated to be understood.  Only by … More

Tie You Up.

Inspire me beyond illusion In the space where we are both seen Listen Taming the wild dream Love into your vision Let’s tie … More

Faith. There is a Net.

Treenuh on a Trapeze from Trina Hall on Vimeo. What is faith? My journey into answering this question started with … More

Raindrops Have Marching Orders

Raindrops have marching orders Without question Falling in line. Gravity. Inertia. All mistresses of the Infinite. A yellow marker along … More

A hue.

Persephone dreamed of a man she had seen. Sounds of a soul peeking through The face, a cerulean hue.

Somewhere Out There

Do you ever look up at the sky and think EVERY person you’ve ever loved is underneath the same blanket … More

Seeing and Flying.

Sunday, one of my students brought this sweet suffering baby into the studio, trying to make his last moments as … More

Temporal Darkness

What is time but a dancing shadow Temporal darkness over divinity’s expression Infinite beings of boundless light The I tells … More

Living My City

My art studio is right off McKinney Ave in Dallas and I hear the trolleys go by every 20 minutes. … More


How do we resolve conflict? I’m practicing disengagement to find my stillness and center. When we are struggling with someone … More