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Photo by Margie Woods

Hey there.. thanks for coming.  My name is Trina and here’s my story…

I grew up in Texas where I could see the sky from horizon to horizon. A debilitating illness after college gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate my priorities and I began to follow my bliss. (Thanks, Joe.)

While pursuing life as an artist, I apprenticed at a commercial photography studio and as a photographer for an art museum.  As a painter, I once lived in my shower-less art studio and I learned my view was the same as it was in a luxury high-rise.

Then my life profoundly changed when I found yoga and meditation.  I went all-in, becoming a 500-hour certified yoga teacher so I could support my art habit (and shower at the gym across the street).  I found myself fully in love with teaching and it became my art form.

Over the course of my career, I taught over 4,000 yoga (hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, alignment-based, chair) and meditation (guided, walking, chakra, mantra, nidra) classes, created a popular series of workshops, gave a TEDx talk, created a podcast, and lectured on yoga philosophy as adjunct faculty at several colleges.

In 2010, I created and co-founded a 200-hour yoga teacher training program where I got to teach people how to teach and find their voice using the creative process.  A couple years later, I co-created a 500-hour teacher training program.  After a period of time, I began to feel a pull toward something else (no idea what that is yet).

I always told my family I would only leave Texas for love.  In 2016, I moved to New York City – not for love of a man, but for love of a city.  It captivated me and I felt a thirst to explore what it had to offer.  Now I have a bathtub IN my apartment – luxurious! – and I spend most of my time creating something (meals, playlists, scripts, photos), admiring beauty (feathers, sunsets over the river, peoples’ kindness on the train), taking care of myself (yoga, meditation, boxing, cycling, walking as much as possible), checking my ego, and spending entirely too much time on my phone.  The thing I miss the most about my home, besides my family and friends, is nature and hiking – I do LOVE trees… I mean, how could I not, Treeeeeeeenuh is my name.

One day, I hope to give an acceptance speech so I can thank manchego cheese for changing my life but for now, I am grateful for where I am.


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