TrinaHallYogaTrina Hall was raised in a humble home in the country outside of Dallas, Texas.

As a Texas Scholar, she received a scholarship from The Texas Board of Education and earned her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies.  She is a certified yoga teacher and has taught over 4,000 yoga and meditation classes to ages 5-85 where her passion is to teach others the creative process, using yoga as the medium.  In 2010, Trina was asked to create her own 200-hour yoga teacher training program and later co-created a 500-hour teacher training program.

Trina has been the yoga teacher-in-residency at The Crow Collection of Asian Art and taught yoga at The University of Dallas, El Centro College, Eastfield College, and Greenhill School. Her workshops included Yoga College, The Wisdom of the Chakras, Learn to Fly: Arm Balances & Inversions, Partner Yoga, and Yoga 101. She was known for her honest, creative approach to yoga and teaching.

Trina is a descendant of the founder of the City of Dallas. In her spare time, you can find her listening to live jazz, writing, taking photos, producing, and researching how to change her middle name to “Fun”.


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