trimar2 (85 of 475Hey there.. thanks for coming.  My name is Trina D’anne Hall and I’m in love with the creative process – sometimes that means making art, dancing, practicing or teaching yoga, meditating, writing, cooking, taking photos, or walking through New York City.  I love my life.

In early 2002, I fell ill and realized if my time is limited, I had better start following my heart so I dropped the fear and began painting.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I’d never had more fun!  Thus began a love affair with color that still captivates me to this day.  Remarkably, after a period of time, my head pain and double vision were gone and I was able to take care of myself again.  The creative process healed me.

I began to explore other forms of creative expression and found yoga at a wellness retreat in Austin, Texas, USA.  I went all-in, becoming a yoga and meditation teacher so I could support my art habit.  Over the course of my career, I taught over 4,000 classes to all ages and abilities.

In 2010, I created and co-founded a 200-hour yoga teacher training program where I got to teach people how to find their voice using the creative process.  We excavated false beliefs and enlightened ourselves through philosophical discussions.  It’s pretty magical to spend so much time in complete honesty and authenticity with a small group of people.  Many of those people are still my best friends.

A couple years later, I co-created a 500-hour teacher training program and began to feel a call for something else.  After writing a piece called “The Fat Yoga Teacher” that got international attention and sparked a cultural conversation, I realized I wanted to have bigger conversations with more people.

In 2016, I moved to New York City where I spend most of my time fantasizing about food, admiring sunsets over the river, writing scripts, taking yoga classes, watching rehearsals for a Broadway musical opening in 2020, and spending entirely too much time on my phone.

One day, I hope to win an Academy Award so I can thank manchego cheese for changing my life but for now, I am grateful for where I am.


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