Unconventional Love. Trina D’anne Hall. Trina Hall

What is love but the preamble to loss? A sacred contract extracting attachment that pierces the experience of now. Dancing with fools was a thing of the past. Co-creation of the unconventional, they imagined their hieros gamos. Rules and boundaries are made, not borrowed. She holds a heart to be opened, not broken. Life is […]

Yoga College Series with Trina D’anne Hall at The Mat. Treenuh Yoga.

Yoga College Series at The Mat Yoga Studio Join Trina Hall for this amazing opportunity to go to Yoga College! The Yoga College Series is like going back to school but much more cost-effective and fun! This is your chance to enrich your mind in the philosophy of yoga as you engage in lecture and […]

Touchpoint by Colette Copeland. Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga. Dallas. The Mat Yoga Studio.

Click to see the video, Touchpoint “Created in response to Magmart Video Festival Director Enrico Tomaselli’s 2014 Global Video Program “The Five Senses” representing artists from five continents, this video Touchpoint explores touch as a signifier for a moment of physical and emotional connection, a moment of self and communal discovery… a moment of truth.” […]

New-Age ‘Secrets’ and Why They Don’t Work

There was a time when all I needed for inspiration was a quote, horoscope, fortune cookie, or one of those refrigerator magnet poems. The days of fluffing the pillows of hope to make the world seem less random are over. I am simultaneously distraught and relieved that I no longer rely on my tea bag […]

THIS Saturday: Wisdom of the Chakras with Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga. The Mat Yoga Studio. Workshop.

Energy, or prana, flows through the body and the chakras provide a sacred roadmap to our consciousness. The subtle energy we experience can be explored through the architectural design of the chakras, their traits, qualities, and physical manifestations. In this workshop, we will investigate the chakras as an energy system as it relates to the […]

Key Collecting. Trina D’anne Hall. Trina Hall. 7-20-2012 blog

She heard a voice while searching for a sign in the woods that closed her throat in on itself like a black hole swallowing matter. It sucked her breath, her umbilical cord to source. The alchemy of longing changed to feeling. All grown up, she waved the white flag to no one among the silence […]

My Soul is in the Sky. Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga. Dallas.

There is a man who pushes a cart around the neighborhood, collecting cans from recycle bins.  I’m assuming he is homeless.  He’s become as familiar as my next door neighbor with his routine stop in front of my house and we always wave, give the obligatory smile, and the neighborly exchange of conversational pleasantries. At […]

Treenuh Yoga. Live Yoga Class. Your Life as a Map. Follow Your Dreams. Dallas.

Live recording of the class I taught on 10-14-11 at The Mat Yoga Studio. This is a Vinyasa class – all levels. We talked about the heart as a light, your life as a map, following your dreams, and questioned if we REALLY believe things are as they should be. Treenuh Yoga 10-14-11 Open Flow […]

Releasing the Past. Trina Hall. Yoga. Haircut. 9-28-2011

I spend a lot of time in silence, in the space of my Self.  I incubate, I write, I create. Last night, something shifted as I lay awake at 2am, listening to music.  I questioned my beliefs.  I thought about my attachments.  There was a time when I wanted to learn what was important to […]

Soul as Teacher. Trina Hall. Dallas. Treenuh. Yoga. Love.

Alone in Creation Banked on the river of Self Love, she splashes her face. And then she asked of souls, “One?  Two?” Abiding Peace cleared the path in the foothills Climb Mountain, offering life line Stoking fire, undertaking flame. Suffer. River as perfume. Suffer. Self baptism, soak in wisdom. Stand. Observing stillness Breathe in love […]

As It Should Be. Dallas Yoga. Dallas Yoga Private Lessons. Dallas Yoga Class. Trina Hall. Treenuh Yoga. Yoga Training Dallas. Teacher Training. Yoga Workshop

There is nothing wrong.  There is nothing I need to fix.  There is nothing I need to change.  What’s up with that? Don’t get me wrong, in the past, I could Zen myself out of any heartbreak or death but this moment is different in that I am aware of the surrender in the present […]

Good Grief. Trina Hall. Dallas Yoga. Dallas Yoga Private Lessons. Dallas Yoga Class. Treenuh Yoga. Treenuh.com.

We’ve all lost someone we love… whether through death, divorce, or distance, grieving is something we all experience.  There’s even a model, outlining with gross accuracy, the seven stages of grief. I was exposed to death when my hero, Grandpa, died 20 years ago.  He was my idea of what a man should be – […]

Six Degrees of Satchidananda. Peter Max. Trina Hall. Dallas Yoga. Dallas Yoga Private Lessons. Dallas Yoga Class. Treenuh.com.

In my yoga teacher training, it was suggested to read the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. So I picked up a book and I thought the man on the front cover was Patanjali himself.  I thought, “OK that is what a yogi looks like… long bearded dude in robes sitting with his legs crossed… I get […]

TODAY! Secrets of Yoga Workshop. Dallas Yoga Teacher. Yoga Private Lessons. Treenuh.com. Trina Hall

The Secrets of Yoga with Trina Hall, RYT Uncovering Ancient Truths to Navigate a Modern World What are the secrets the ancient yogis knew?  How do we apply the secrets of yoga and translate that into a happier, more fulfilling life right now? Discover how yoga supports a connection to your intuitive, Creative self.  Go […]

Forgiveness is a Choice. Dallas Yoga Teacher. Yoga Private Lessons. Treenuh.com. Trina Hall

Life is a series of choices. Everyday we show up on the yoga mat, we are making a choice that makes us feel better inside and out. We are listening to that voice inside our hearts that calls us to love and when we act from that place, we always feel better. Love is the […]

Standing in My Shadow

Standing in my own shadow, reflected from the moon’s light on Eve’s eve of the full moon, I discovered I stand in my fear.  Before this point of solid reflection along the path I walked tonight, I felt the importance of foundation.  My lover took my hand as I reluctantly tread across lava graced by […]