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Hello there!
My name is Trina and I teach Coronayoga.

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Class Types

Hatha -n- Flow

The swirl ice cream of yoga classes… it is part flow, part Hatha and 100% delicious. We will hold postures to learn proper alignment and technique and we will move from one pose to another as a continuous flow. This is my signature style.

Hold, Please

Mark your progress and develop a stronger mind in this class as we hold Hatha postures to learn proper alignment.  This class is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your body while strengthening your mind.

Stretchy McStretcherton

Stress got you feelin’ tight?  Let’s relax and open the body in this class focussed on opening and relaxing the body.  We will tend to hold poses in a passive stretch to allow the muscles then the connective tissues to release energy.


Allow the body and mind to become more still and calm as we move through mindful, meditative yoga.  We will move slowly between poses in this class as we focus on how we transition as opposed to how we execute a pose.

Zen AF

This is a guided relaxation and meditation.  You will need space to lay down comfortably on the ground or a yoga mat.  Your body temperature will drop as you relax so I recommend putting on some fuzzy socks.


This is a high energy, fun class with playlists to match.  You need to have an existing practice to take this class as I will be calling out pose names with little alignment cues. Get ready to play!

Namaste Motherf*ckers

The webinar that breaks down spiritual practices with a flair. Based on the podcast of the same name.

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