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My name is Trina and I am the founder of Coronayoga, Infinity Breathwork, Lettuce Meditate and Lettuce Ride. You can take class with me in the comfort of your own home either LIVE or On-Demand.

Coronayoga was conceived in April, 2020, when the world was taken over by the Coronavirus and my students needed a way to SURVIVE. Infinity Breathwork came shortly after, and Lettuce Meditate and Lettuce Ride arrived in December, 2020.

My classes are tools to help you accept what is and RISE to your potential.

My offerings help you THRIVE.

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LIVE Classes
  1. I offer 4 kinds of LIVE classes through my Portal: Coronayoga, Infinity Breathwork, Lettuce Meditate, and Lettuce Ride. The LIVE class experiences are included in the Monthly LIVE + On-Demand Membership for $108/mo.
  2. Adjust your Namastream settings to receive email reminders and you’ll get notified 30 or 60 minutes prior to class. This notification email will contain the link to join the LIVE broadcast! You can access the LIVE classes you have paid for via the Calendar as well.
  3. Play my Spotify playlist that goes with the live Coronayoga or Lettuce Ride class – this is optional. You do not need music for meditation or breathwork classes.
  4. Notice how AMAZING you feel after class!
  5. Spread the word to your friends and on social media. Tag @treenuhdotcom
  6. Take classes On-Demand.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

On-Demand is here! You can re-take any Coronayoga class you loved or catch up on a class you missed. An On-Demand Only membership is $40/mo and includes a free 3-day trial. Just purchase through the portal and you can take any class you want at ANY time you want!

All on-demand classes are included with the Monthly LIVE+OD Membership.

Our Mission

Welcome to the movement! We are committed to finding a current of calm within the chaos of life. When we peel away the layers in our practice, we are able to show up in our lives more authentically and with more kindness. I am so excited to share some virtual space with you.

Playing music during class

I do not broadcast any music during the live class but I do make a playlist for every class.  If you want to practice with the same music I am listening to while I teach, find the class within my public playlists and play it on your device. The playlist will begin right at class start time and I will let you know when that is while I am broadcasting.  If you have multiple devices, I recommend using your computer/laptop for the live class portion, and your phone for the Spotify portion – this way you can control the volume independently.  (I do not use Crossfade in the playback.). 

What I Believe

Self-awareness is power. The yoga mat has been my magic carpet taking me to places deep within me. The things I teach are always something I’ve worked through in my own practice and on my own path. I craft each class around a specific philosophical theme, designed to help you look inward. I weave words, postures, music, breath, and space to take you on a journey into yourself where I hope you discover something new.

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