Welcome to Coronayoga On-Demand! The links below will take you to my video portal, Namastream. Set up an account and decide if you want access to the on-demand content only or if you want to also take classes LIVE with me. The memberships renew monthly and you can cancel anytime.

Includes all on-demand yoga and meditation classes PLUS

Coronayoga LIVE
Infinity Breathwork LIVE
Lettuce Meditate LIVE
Lettuce Ride LIVE

LIVE + On-Demand Membership
$108/mo – cancel anytime
Includes on-demand yoga and meditation classes

If you choose this membership, I do ask that you send me feedback on each class you take so I can craft future classes to what you need from your practice.

On-Demand Membership
$40/mo – cancel anytime
3-day free trial
I’ve made my yoga, breathwork, and cycling playlists public for y’all. You’re welcome!
I offer some classes for free so you can get a taste.
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