Welcome to Coronayoga On-Demand! These links will take you to my video portal, Namastream.

  1. You’ll need to set up a free login with them to take any Coronayoga classes, watch The Chat, or get Zen AF with meditation.
  2. Start with the On-Demand link below to search the classes by length, class type, and focus, or just browse all the content to see what’s up.
  3. Then decide if you want my monthly membership, which includes private invitations to all the live classes. You can always search with the On-Demand link and then decide to pay per class.
  4. Live classes are by invitation-only. If you get on my list now, you’ll be invited to the live classes but after the pandemic, the Coronayoga Monthly Unlimited Members will be the only ones invited to the live events.

Right now, everything I offer is under Pandemic Pricing – monthly unlimited is $108 and per-class is $10. Zen AF, The Chat, and SNS (Short n Sweet) are free but you know you want to take the classes live to get the full experience. 🙂

Click here to view and search the entire library by class type. After you see what I have available, you can decide if you want the monthly membership (with access to the live classes) or if you want to pay per class.
Click here to watch all the post-class chats. If you’re a philosophy nerd, you’ll like these. They are like mini lectures/talks and are free.
Click for the free meditations and feel Zen AF.
These are free, short breakdowns of poses or short classes.
I’ve made my yoga playlists public for y’all. You’re welcome!
I offer some classes for free so you can get a taste.
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