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LEARN TO FLY: ARM BALANCES AND INVERSIONS with Trina Hall $25 in advance, $35 at the door Saturday, April 30, 2:30-4:30p Move Studio in Plano, TX ENROLL NOW Have you ever wondered how to move safely into a headstand?  What muscles to engage to feel steady in crow?  How do they do running man (did […]

Santosha.. A type of cheese perhaps?

Santosha = Contentment 🙂 This reminds me of my favorite symbol of our culture: the smiley face. When you type the smiley, it is a colon, then a dash, followed by a parentheses. The colon directs us toward the pause inherently expressed in the dash, and the parentheses closes the thought. Our eyes are open […]

The Beatles Were Right

Today, we started another yogic journey at Eastfield College. It is a great privilege to teach people who have never tried yoga because it is like watching a flower bloom… the beauty is beyond measure. The experience inspires awe. As a flower needs sunlight, we need conscious awareness of our bodies. It just takes some […]