Playlist 4-9-11: Let’s Play. Dallas Yoga Teacher. Dallas Yoga Private Lessons. Dallas Yoga Class. Trina Hall

What a joy!  We were twisting and shouting for an hour this morning… you guys ROCKED IT OUT!!!!! I will miss you guys every Saturday morning. Mwah!

Playlist 12-7-10. Dallas Yoga Teacher. Yoga Private Lessons. Trina Hall

What I’ve Done by Marie Digby is amazeballs (thanks to Zach Braff for the nomenclature).  Certain songs say, “Hi, I’d like for you to cry today, human.”

Playlist – Heart Opening. Dallas Yoga Teacher. Yoga Private Lessons. Trina Hall

You asked for it… you want to know the music I play in some of my classes.  Here is the first of many playlists I will post so you can find the songs that have inspired something to stir within you as you practice.  I am so grateful to the artists who have inspired me.

Standing in My Shadow

Standing in my own shadow, reflected from the moon’s light on Eve’s eve of the full moon, I discovered I stand in my fear.  Before this point of solid reflection along the path I walked tonight, I felt the importance of foundation.  My lover took my hand as I reluctantly tread across lava graced byContinue reading “Standing in My Shadow”

Santosha.. A type of cheese perhaps?

Santosha = Contentment 🙂 This reminds me of my favorite symbol of our culture: the smiley face. When you type the smiley, it is a colon, then a dash, followed by a parentheses. The colon directs us toward the pause inherently expressed in the dash, and the parentheses closes the thought. Our eyes are openContinue reading “Santosha.. A type of cheese perhaps?”