What People Say…

“I have been practicing with Trina for over ten years.  She has an intuitive way to awaken and shepherd a deeper awareness within me.  She has a special gift which allows me to recognize that yoga is not just a physical experience, but a truly spiritual one as well.”


“Trina’s class is special because of her delicacy and kindness. I feel blessed with her calm and serenity.”


“Trina’s ability to integrate anatomy based asana instruction along with heartfelt lessons is one of a kind. She delicately weaves phrases of movement and thought into each class and gently guides students to find their own practice along the way. 


“…a voice that captivates…”


“After a class with Trina, I feel nourished – body and soul nourished.”


“…the most inspirational teacher I have had the honor to work with.  Her voice is like hearing an angel.”


“There are yoga teachers and yoga instructors.  We all know the difference because we’ve taken classes from both. …a teacher is so meaningful and special…”


“Seriously one of my favorite classes ever! Today I went deep and really felt joy on the mat.  Thanks for bringing some stillness and space to go deep back into my life.”


“Trina Hall is the real deal. Authentic to the core, her classes have just the right blend of flow, humor, and reflection. She’s attentive to the postures but quick with a wisecrack to keep us from taking ourselves so serious.”


“Whenever I take one of her classes, I’m like a child on Christmas morning. I NEVER know what she is going to come up with. Will I be dancing wildly in the dark, will I be moving in slow motion, will I be forced to THINK about why I showed up for class? She is yoga personified.”


“She has an innovative way of guiding me through an invigorating practice then segueing into a peaceful healing state of mind.”


“The one predictable thing about taking a class from Trina… it will always be different! She plays great music, shares inspiring messages, and guides a creative sequence of poses.”


“If you haven’t tried Trina’s class, you are missing a special experience. Her soothing voice will guide you through a practice that will invigorate you and soothe you at the same time.”


“Her amazing insight and ability to capture my attention give me the focus I need to fully engage myself in my yoga practice, feeling refreshed and enlightened as well as grounded.”


“I have been a yoga student for one year now. Trina’s class has been a blessing.”


“Trina’s class was an enlivening, grounded experience. I felt an aliveness within, aligned in mind, body and breath. I’m so grateful for her teaching and felt fully connected to myself and everyone in the class.”