Coronayoga LIVE with Trina

Coronayoga was conceived in April, 2020, when the world was taken over by the Coronavirus and my students needed a way to SURVIVE. Coronayoga is a tool to help you accept what is and RISE to your potential. Coronayoga helps you THRIVE.

You should see YOU in a crown.

Hello there!
My name is Trina and I am the founder of Coronayoga. You can take class with me in the comfort of your own home either LIVE or On-Demand.

Sign up below to get invited to the LIVE classes (pandemic pricing means LIVE classes are by donation). After you submit, please read the page that pops up.

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Class Types


On-Demand is here! You can re-take any Coronayoga LIVE class you loved or catch up on a class you missed. Each class is $10 but there are a some classes you can take for free.

Hatha -n- Flow

The swirl ice cream of yoga classes… it is part flow, part Hatha and 100% delicious. We will hold postures to learn proper alignment and also move from one pose to another as a continuous flow. This is my signature style.


Allow the body and mind to become more still and calm as we move through mindful, meditative yoga.  We will move slowly and gently through this practice.

Zen AF

This is a guided relaxation and meditation.  You will need space to lay down comfortably or sit upright in a chair.  Your body temperature will drop as you relax so I recommend putting on some fuzzy socks.


This is a high energy, fun flow class with playlists to match.  You need to have an existing practice to take this class as I will be calling out pose names with little alignment cues. Get ready to play!


1st Chakra

Your donation will cover the cost of my Spotify membership for a month. Thank you!


2nd Chakra

Your donation will take care of one month of website hosting for Thank you!


3rd Chakra

Your donation will cover the cost of my monthly Zoom membership for Pro and Webinar service. Thank you!


4th Chakra

Your donation will cover the cost of my monthly WiFi service. I don't know what I would do without WiFi - or you! Thank you!


5th Chakra

Your donation will cover the cost of my wireless phone service that allows me to bring you multiple angles during class. I see you over there. Thank you!


6th Chakra

Your donation will support the "filming studio" where I record all our classes. Ya you rock. Thank you for the HUGE support!


7th Chakra

Your donation will go directly toward building a robust website or hiring an editor. Those are my main wants an desires for Coronayoga right now and your donation means you want to see Coronayoga grow, too. This means you really believe in what I am doing and I deeply humbled by your vote of confidence in me. THANK YOU!!


©2020 Trina Hall & Treenuh Yoga, LLC

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