How Coronayoga Works

You are officially a part of the movement.

Our Mission

Coronayogis are committed to finding a current of calm within the chaos of life. When we peel away the layers in our practice, we are able to show up off the mat more authentically and with more kindness. I am so excited to share some virtual space with you.


Self-awareness is power. The yoga mat has been my magic carpet taking me to places deep within me. The things I teach are always something I’ve worked through in my own practice and on my own path. I craft each class around a specific philosophical theme, designed to help you look inward. I weave words, postures, music, breath, and space to take you on a journey into yourself where I hope you discover something new.


–  Thou shalt listen to the body. We lean into discomfort and don’t do anything that causes pain.
–  Thou shalt breathe – yoga is really a practice of breath control. Aim to make it smooth, slow, and deep.
–  Thou shalt make time for Savasana.
–  Thou shalt smile in the heart.
–  Thou shalt witness the mind.
–  Thou shalt zen the f*ck out.


  1. Get on the list to be the first to hear about new LIVE classes here.
  2. You’ll get an announcement email. Click on the link to register for class through my provider, Namastream.
  3. Click the Zoom link you receive after you sign up and you ARE IN!
  4. Play my Spotify playlist – this is optional and only if you like music.
  5. Notice how AMAZING yoga makes you feel!
  6. Donate if your heart compels you to do so here.
  7. Spread the word to your friends and on social media.
  8. Take classes On-Demand.
  9. Rinse and repeat.

Your Space

This is your time. Approach it as sacred. It will be ideal for you to have a space where you can practice with as few distractions as possible (i.e., close the bedroom door, put the phone on “Do Not Disturb”, put aside the to-do list, etc.) You will need space around you so you don’t hit anything (or anyone) with your arms or legs.  A yoga mat isn’t necessary (it is super helpful for padding and collecting sweat). Test out your space to see if you can kneel without hurting your knees. I will use props (two blocks and a strap) from time to time – but they are not necessary.


I do not broadcast any music during the live class but I am listening to a Spotify playlist I made while I teach live.  If you want to practice with the same music I am playing while I teach, you’ll get a link to the playlist when you register. The playlist will begin right at class start time.  If you have multiple devices, I recommend using your computer/laptop for the Zoom portion, and your phone for the Spotify portion – this way you can control the volume independently.  (I do not use Crossfade in the playback.). 

Social Media

Tag me on Instagram or Twitter @treenuhdotcom and #coronayogawithtrina if you post a photo or video from your practice so I can share.  

Send me a DM on Instagram if you have any questions. @treenuhdotcom

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